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20 December, 2018.                  323881
Students of KazETU college went on excursion
Students from 2nd and 3rd courses of the College of Engineering and Technology of Kazakhstan 1218000 - "Food Production" and 122600 - "Technology of food production and organization of foodstuff" visited the brewery №1.

The first modern beer brewery in Kazakhstan is located in the village of Mukhametzhan Tuymebayev, Ashchibulak rural district, Ili district, Almaty region.

During the excursion the veteran of the plant Orazali Aitimovich shared the most interesting facts about creation of the first brewery in the country. The history of the plant began in the middle of the 19th century at the Verny Fortress, which is located on the territory of modern Almaty. In 1858 the Russian merchant of the first guild Vasily Kuznetsov began a construction of the brewery №1. Thus, the basis of the brewing industry of Kazakhstan was established.

During the excursion students:
• learned the history of the plant and heard other interesting facts; • saw the technology of brewing with their own eyes;
• was acquainted with the company's best products; • have the opportunity to see the process of producing beers from raw materials to ready products;

• Students learned the principles of operation of new technological equipment and were informed about their future profession.

The company was invited to become a social partner of KazETU in the future and wish to become students' experience base.

The excursion was organized by the teachers of special disciplines: Myrziyeva Asem Bekbolatovna and Kurmanaeva Arailym Zhumadilovna and we thank the teachers, Myrziyeva Asem Bekbolatovna and Kurmanaeva Arailym Zhumadilovna of special disciplines who organized the excursion on behalf of the college administration and students!